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Giuseppe Armani
Made in
Beautifull Eagle on snow
Very good condition, marked
7 inch by 9 inch
Provided by Antique, collectibles & Vintage Interchange
Montréal, Canada
Price & taxes if applicable
$ 375.00 cdn
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Giuseppe Armani

For more than 25 years Giuseppe Armani has been producing exquisite figurines and statues, these masterpieces of exquisite sculpture, their delicate design and color are admired by collectors all over the world.

The unsurpassed skill of Italian craftsmanship and the unique talent of Giuseppe Armani and his select school of sculptors combine to give you the passion of these fine sculptures. Every Giuseppe Armani figure is individually crafted and painted by hand at his artisan’s workshop the Florence Sculpture d'Arte which is located at the heart of Tuscany.

Sadly Giuseppe Armani passed away suddenly in October 2006, and the world lost a great Master, but his legacy lives on through his art, statues and figurines and through his immense love for art and sculpture which he has transferred to us.

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