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Herbie Rose
 Watercolor -1978
Beautiful condition -
Watercolor - 19x16 inch - Original 1990's Frame 22.5x26.5 inch - Glass + Wood-varnish 1980's
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Montréal, Canada

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     Herbie Rose:

Herbie Rose

Herbie graduated, Cum Laude, from the New York Phoenix School of Design, and he took post graduate courses at Pratt Institute. The artist worked in the advertising field, honing his skills in technical rendering and designing. His accounts included Colgate Palmolive, Texaco, Sherwin Williams Paints and Hertz. 

In 1968, he opened his own gallery in Port Antonio, Jamaica. There he worked mainly in oil and acrylic to portray the people and scenes of his native Portland parish. His watercolor career began after meeting Tony van Hasselt. This meeting resulted in Herbie's introduction to and instruction from other fine artists such as John Pike, Herb Olsen, Ed Whitney, Tom Hill and Robert Wood. Working closely with these fine painters, Rose had the opportunity to see how the same subject can be handled in many different ways and styles.

Moving to Sarasota/Bradenton, Herbie soon became well-known for his Florida scenes with a Caribbean flair, his flamboyant style has earned him many ribbons. In 1985 he designed a prize-winning poster for Murray-Chris-Craft celebrating their centennial. This poster was later used to promote the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. His paintings and prints are part of collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and were used to promote Jamaica during the Summer Games 1992 in Barcelona, Spain.

Rose teaches classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design in the Continuing Education Program and the Manatee Art League. He provides private instruction in his studio, and he returns to Jamaica annually to conduct a workshop.

Herbie is also a skilled muralist who has brought color to the Village of the Arts in the past. A few years back he painted a mural on the side of the Federal Discount Beverage on 13th avenue in the Village of the Arts. It was a bright colorful piece that served as an eastern gateway to the Village of the Arts. The wall had some damage though, and it eventually crumbled off and destroyed the mural.  Time has gone on and we all worked on new projects. 

A few weeks ago though, Herbie came around and knocked on my door, he was looking to get painting again. Luckily for Herbie, I still had a bunch of paint from our previous mural projects, so we were able to get started, but we can't finish. We are doing this just for the sake of doing it, and need help getting done. If you have spare paint, brushes or can provide a scaffolding, let us know. Our goal is to finish the mural this summer and provide a unique entryway on the eastern side of the Village of the Arts, which is also visible from 9th Street.  

Jun 28, 2017 - Prominent Bradenton artist Herbie Rose, who is widely considered the founder of the Village of the Arts, passed away Tuesday night after a prolonged illness. He was 87. Mr. Rose opened his first gallery in the neighborhood that is now the Village of the Arts more than 30 years ago.

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