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André Bertounesque
Province of Québec, Canada
Watercolor -1990's
Beautiful condition -
Print-paper : Canvas 5 X 7 inch - Original 1990's Frame 14 X 12 inch - Glass + Metal and gold facing.
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Montréal, Canada

Original Art including Frame*: Suggested Price: $40.00 CA.   (*Estimated replacement price of original frame: $10.00 CA)   

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rollins history
     André Bertounesque: (1937-2005)

André Bertounesque is a Quebec painter of French origin born May 11, 1937 in Sainte-Livrade (Lot-et-Garonne), and died September 21, 2005 in Laval, Quebec.

Already passionate about art, André Bertounesque arrived in Quebec in 1951 where he worked in many trades while cultivating his passion for oil painting. Self-taught painter, Bertounesque installs a makeshift workshop in the back of his hair salon where he can paint during the down times that this job gives him.

rollins history

He began his career as a painter by selling his works to many of his clients who are impressed by the talent of this sensitive artist. We quickly notice Bertounesque's mastery of rendering the light and the atmospheres muffled and intimate with the scenes he illustrates. The richness of his oil painting gives him a recognition that will not fade throughout his career and beyond.

A man with women, André Bertounesque's work during the 1970s and 1980s is rich in portraits, nudes, seascapes and scenes of sweetness that reflect the tranquility of man.

He also becomes the visual chronicler of his native France. Provence, its colors and its light become a subject of predilection which brings the spectator towards horizons all in shimmering.

André Bertounesque's work is now part of Québec's artistic heritage and is present in major galleries and in several major collections around the world

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Bertounesque, André (1937–2005)
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1976 - Julianne Gallery, Toronto, ON
1975 - Washington Square, New York, NY
1974 - Washington Square, New York, NY
1973 - Washington Square, New York, NY
1978 - Galerie Arno, Victoriaville, QC
1978 - Galerie St-Paul, Sutton, QC
1978 - Galerie Le Petit Musée, Sherbrooke, QC
1978 - Galerie Michel De Kerdour, Québec, QC
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