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Daniel Derveaux
Europe, France
1805 Grenadier d'Austerlitz
Beautiful condition -
Colored hand Print-   9X11.5 inch -  Frame -14X17 inch  wood -gold 1970's
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Montréal, Canada

Original Art including Frame*: Suggested Price: $100.00 CA.   (*Estimated replacement price of original frame: $50.00 CA) Note: Buyer need to purchase the 4 items as a seriesL 1191, 1192, 1193, 1194 

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     Daniel Dervaux :

Daniel Derveaux, born August 26, 1914, in Paris and died on November 14, 2010, in Saint-Malo1, is an artist and publisher of French art.
He produced nearly 2,500 drawings, a hundred engraved woods and linos, 40,000 etchings, 6,000 stones, zinc, aluminum, 300 copper engravings, 1,000 silk-screen prints, nearly 10 million copies drawn; advertising prints and art editions by lithography, typography, and offset lithography.

After the beginning of artistic and literary career in the North, of which he highlighted the architectural heritage by publishing several illustrated works of his own works, engravings on copper, on wood, drawings ..., demobilized in 1941 he comes s to establish in Saint-Malo.
Daniel Derveaux was the only artist to have really designed and engraved the old Saint-Malo as it was before the bombing of August 1944. His tests have also served, in the reconstruction of Saint-Malo, the attributions of war damage. He writes and illustrates many books on St Malo, Rennes and the Rance Valley. At the same time, he created lithographs of Breton portraits, costumes and sites, harbor views and numerous geographical or historical maps of France and all its regions, for example the map of Brittany with a coat of arms of several thousand. Copies-, about Europe and the world. He was also advertising by creating many posters, leaflets, letterheads for the use of many events throughout the western region.
Married in 1944 to Renée Moigne, he had three children. It was in 1982 that Pierre Derveaux took over Daniel Derveaux's Editions d'Art with new historical engravings, which he passed in 2006 to his son Guillaume.

rollins history
rollins history
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