Collectibles Interchange
W. Churchill, white pottery, 1941
Ottawa, Gov.General, Dresden plate
Dunhill, Grays pottery, Paris
B. Franklin, mug
Gone with the wind, Ashley, plate 16535d
Gone with the wind, Melanie, plate 19560a
Napoleon set of plates
La Verendrye, Washington pottery
Magnetic hill, New-Brunswick
Marilyn Monroe, plate 191b
Marilyn Monroe, plate 5153a
Marilyn Monroe, plate 5992a
Napoleon, Royal Saxe
Peter the Great, St-Petersburg, Russia
The first regiment artillery Officer, 1786
General staff Officer, 1814
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Burslem Wood, plate
Prince Charles, Royal Albert, plate
W. Churchill, gold -white trinket, knighted - coronation 1953
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