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A collectable or collectible is typically a manufactured item designed for people to collect. In this respect, they are distinguishable from other subjects of collections, which may also include natural objects (e.g., butterflies) and objects manufactured for purposes other than collecting (e.g., stamps). Some objects designed for other purposes, such as toys, become so popular among collectors whom they are later marketed specifically to that audience. The high price for certain older Star Wars action figures are a good example of this phenomenon since the figures was originally intended to be purchased as toys rather than collectibles.
A collector's item, in contrast is made without the intention of special interest but due to rarity or uniqueness, production fault, human error, or other events, becomes sought after due to its rarity in these circumstances.
Such circumstances may result in an item from a collectible series becoming valuable and sold for substantial amounts of money. In the 1960s, it became fashionable for some comic book companies, such as Marvel Comics or DC Comics to boost sales of their comic books by printing "Collectors' Item" on the covers. In fact, Marvel Comics even issued a 1960s comic book series which was titled Marvel Collectors' Item Classics.


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Most Collectors search the web for items of interest.

However, getting to grips with the many techniques needed to attract buyers to a website and selling online can be daunting. You are a Collectible expert – not necessarily an online marketing expert or webmaster.
By using our website, you can take advantage of our online marketing expertise to help selling your Collectibles at prices designed to suit your budget.
Appearing in search results
Almost 80% of web traffic is generated by search engines. How easy is it for customers to find your website on search engines? Do you appear on the first page of key search terms' e.g. Watches or American Novels? And do you know where you appear, depending on whether someone is searching in the United States, Canada or abroad? (There are different search engines in each country.)
We have search marketing and technical specialists constantly optimizing our website for better search results.
Marketing Campaigns
We established sponsored keyword campaigns with various search engines. Our search engine specialists manage marketing campaigns regularly to redirect buyer's traffic to our website.
Marketing Online listings and link building
We are familiar with the Collectibles websites most frequently visited by collectible buyers searching for collectors items, and we arrange to be listed on them. Online listings also increase customer awareness and consideration of products as well as drive traffic to our website.
A Web presence is essential
In today's Global Market, having a web presence is essential for any dealer and collector. Your existing website is not up to the task. You are thinking of developing yours own. Your site is simple with no more than a few pages, but it could be much larger. However, it costs money for the technical expertise to update your website.
The expertise or time is lacking to managed the content of your website. Uploading images of new products and swap-out items you have sold are troublesome. An e-commerce component to sell your Collectibles online is missing.
Targeted marketing
We are sending message directly to Dealers and Collectors. We deliver directly for an excellent return on investment, particularly compared to traditional advertising methods. Our role is to make the process of reaching your buyers audience simpler. We have access to databases containing contact details of :
Collectibles buyers in the United States, Canada or abroad
Subscribers to Collectibles magazines and websites
High-income individuals in United States, Canada or abroad
All of these individuals have opted in order to receive relevant marketing messages and can be targeted either via email or direct mail.
What is Antiques for Dealers and Collectors?
We take care of presenting your Collectibles to potential buyers. Photos that sell, description that informs, and marketing campaigns that promote to buyers and collectors on a regular base.
We are a virtual interchange showroom for your Collectibles. We do not perform auctions' needier classified ads. We help you sell items at fixed prices for a minimal fee for the exchange. Furthermore, we offer negotiating services to help you with personal offers.
We are Marketers and Promoters helping Customers sell and buy, products and services for a trade fee. Our interchange website brings together dealers and buyers who sell and buy Collectible objects.
Sell Know!
You do not pay for listing an item for sale on the interchange website. An interchange fee is charged only on successful sales.
A Seller offers at a fixed price, an item and the option if desired for a Buyer to make a personal offer. The Seller can accept or reject the offer. The Seller can also set an expiry date at which time the offer will close if the Buyer has not yet responded. Interchange Services will provide communication between the Buyer and the Seller.
Interchange fee
The Interchange Fee only applies if you successfully sell an item on our interchange website. You will be charged an Interchange Fee based on the sale amount received for your item(s).
Interchange fees are calculated on per item basis, which means that when more than one item is sold, the interchange fees will be calculated on each item separately.
Interchange fees are calculated on the total Seller's Invoice, less taxes. If applicable sales taxes will be charged to Seller.
Sale Amount
Interchange Fee
From Value
To Value
$ 0.01
$ 999.00
18 % of Seller's invoice, less tax
$ 1,000.00
$ 4,999.00
16 % of Seller's invoice, less tax
$ 5,000.00
$ 9,999.00
14 % of Seller's invoice, less tax
$ 10,000.00
$ 99,999.00
12 % of Seller's invoice, less tax
$ 100,000.00
No limit
10 % of Seller's invoice, less tax
Upon completion of transaction between Seller and Buyer, Interchange Fee's will be deducted from the amount received by Buyer and balance of sale prices will be forwarded to Seller.
In the event of a return item to Seller by a Buyer for Warranty & Guarantee purpose the Interchange Fee's will be half refundable to our discretion.
All transactions our performed trough credits cards electronic services.
Escrow service is available. It involves using a trusted agent who keeps the money until the Buyer signals the payment may be released to the Seller. Should there be any dispute, then the escrow company intervenes retuning the money to the Buyer after the goods have been returned to the Seller, if applicable. This method is rather costly for Sellers and is occasionally used for high value transactions.
Transaction process
All transactions are performed trough credits cards electronic services.
The Seller provides a verifiable business name, business or personal-address, phone and if available fax number, and email. Before you can list an item with you need to register in the Seller's Club. For more details: Seller's Club
The Seller provides adequate photos and description for each item.
The Seller to complete the sale provides an invoice that states the price of each item, all applicable taxes and a description for each item. A statement of rightful ownership will also be inscribed on the invoice.
Furthermore, the Seller can provide certificates of ownership, appraisals our prior purchase documents. The Seller must be the rightful owner of the item (s). Services will forward the Seller's invoice-via fax or email to Buyer. Buyer will confirm Seller invoice and provide delivery instructions to Exchange services via fax or email. Exchange services will forward to Seller the confirmed Buyer's purchase and delivery instructions. Services will not be liable for any illegal acts perpetrated by the Seller or Buyer. Services will specifically make available to legal authorities all information that could solve all acts of malevolence.
The seller can also provide a certificate of ownership, appraisals our prior purchase documents. The Seller must be the right full owner of the item(s).
Shipping charges
The Seller provides an estimated cost to ship the item(s) in North America. This estimated cost must be based on rates offered by Canada Post, the U.S. Post, UPS services, Fed-Express or Any Certified Shipping company able to provide insurance services.
The Buyer will select and pay all fees related to shipping the purchase item(s). All items must be insured for the value of paid invoice. All customs' forms must be field-by Seller.
Listing an item
Before you can list an item with you need to register in the Seller's Club. For more details: Seller's Club
We will return an email with your Seller identification numbers to be inscribe-on forms such as: email, email listing of item, invoicing, etc.
It is important to take care in creating a detailed and accurate listing.
Select a Category: It is important to select an appropriate category for your item. If you are unsure, search for similar items on the site and look what category they are listed in. You are able to choose the appropriate category from the drop down list of the Collectible's category on the navigation bar. Then choose a subcategory.
Images: Always include images that depict your item accurately. Your item images must be in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) format ONLY. All images must be offered with a monochrome background such as: White, black, gray, blue, green.
Monochrome background images help Buyers to focus on the item and not the surrounding. You need to provide five (5) images as shown:
If your images are greater than 100 KB in size then our technician will attempt to resize it, which could change its dimensions (this is to ensure speedy page load times for your prospective Buyers).
Description: In order to ensure success, it is strongly recommended to add a detailed description that is rich and professional. Measurements such as size and weight. Number of parts, materials and techniques. Research also on the Artist creator of the item.
Our Marketing specialist's upon reception will revise and enhance even more your description by adding, for example, historical background.
Condition: The condition of the item being sold is required. Please be precise, example, a showroom condition with wear to surfaces.  Honesty is your best ally to conclude a fair sale.
Warranty & Guarantee Options: It is recommended to offer warranties and guarantees to your Buyers as far as possible. Even if this is only limited in nature it will provide an additional level of trust and security for your Buyers and will also result in the warranty and guarantee icons showing on your listing.
Listing Duration: as no listing duration but reserve the right to limit duration period. Experience has shown it is a good idea to list rare and high-value items for longer, in order to give more people a chance to see them. A Seller evens if the item he is listing is desirable should consider pricing in order compete with other Sellers.
Bulk Upload: Most listings will have a quantity of 1. does not offer any bulk upload option. Simple, we take the necessary time to list adequately every item. In order to sell high-value items, every image, description, condition, price, warranty and guaranty must be verified and listed properly.
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