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André Raymond Besse
Province of Québec Canada
Victoria -Conféderation Place Montréal
Aged condition - cleaned and touch up
Oil-cnavas - 7x9 inch - Frame 15x13  inch - Wood brun varnish.
Provided by Antique, collectibles & Vintage Interchange
Montréal, Canada

Original Art including Frame*: Suggested Price: $400.00 CA.   (*Estimated replacement price of original frame: $75.00 CA)   

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     André Raymond Besse:

BESSE, André (Paris- France 1922 – 2004) The artist-painter André Raymond Besse died in Montreal on June 26, 2004, at the age of 81.

He is the son of Raymond Besse, a renowned painter of the time. After is studies were cut short by the war, he began a theatrical career. rollins history

In painting, he is self-taught.

He began to paint in 1958. From is debut, he succeeded in exhibiting in established places, among them were: Club des clubs, Saint-Augustin Street in Paris, Château de Blois, Galerie Saint-Rustique in Paris and the Galerie d’art Alain Durvil in Barbizon. He participated regularly at the Salon officiel des artistes français and at the salon d’hiver du Grand Palais in Paris. He received amembership from the Fédération des artistes graphiques et plastiques and from the Union des Créateurs français. Then, in 1964, he came to Canada and met his future wife, a women from Montréal, and applied for Canadian citizenship. Since then, he has participated in several individual and group exhibitions, among them the galleries: Michel de Kerbour, Québec; Minigal, Montréal; La Malbais, Saint-Sauveur des Monts and in California.

(Vallée 93; Bruens 88; Bruens 90; Sales Index 1989-90; Marché de la peinture au Québec 1991/1992)

rollins history
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